Data Processing Policy – A H Mead & Son Engineering Ltd

When you do business with us as a customer or as supplier us we hold your contact details.

These may include a combination of the following;

We also hold the usual accounting records such as orders and invoices and amounts owed.

We may also hold letters, drawings and other documents you supplied us or we supplied you whilst doing business.

A lot of this information exists in our email if that was how it was communicated. The emails and the files live on our server rather than on our PCs which are just used as terminals. Our server is behind two locked doors on our premisis. Access to the server is password protected. The server itself uses a secure file system which requires a 6 digit key to be entered to unlock the data when it is switched on. This protects against physical theft of the server.

We use a GDPR compliant remote backup service which uses a similar type of encrypted server that has no incoming Internet access and no user accessable data.

We use your data only for conducting business with you, for example;

We do not share your data with anyone outside the organisation without your explicit permission with the following exceptions;

We can provide you with a copy of your data by email as long as we are sure it's you. We may request proof if the request seems doubtful as we don't want to give your data to an imposter. We would like to keep your data up to date so please send us corrections if we have it wrong. At some point we may determine that we nolonger need to keep you on our system so may blank or erase your data. You may also request to be removed which we are happy to do once all our business with you is concluded. Data we hold will either be blanked out in the case of your financial account details or deleted in case of your emails and drawings. For legal reasons it may not be feasble to remove some data and we will inform you of data we must retain.

This document does not affect your rights under the GDPR but expresses them in practical terms in relation to doing business with A H Mead & Son Engineering Ltd.

To contact the assigned Data Protection Officer email or telephone 01371 873907.